about us

Long before Creative Cuisine Catering, we threw lavish parties for our family and friends.

Little did we know, we were planting seeds that would one day grow into a fruitful business.

Today, our sole purpose is to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

By almost any means necessary.

Celebrating Life's Most Memorable Moments


For us, events are not simply a special occasion. They are a way of life. 

And we've spent the last 20 years perfecting how to celebrate them.

Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Events.



Our primary mission is to bring your vision to life. Begin by sharing your style and story with us; we're here to listen, ask questions, and understand your unique preferences. Once we have your ideas, we'll elevate them to the next level.

Be it enhancing your sweetheart table with intricate linens, suspending your wedding cake from a bespoke structure, infusing your grandmother's favorite dish into the entree, or creating an entirely custom menu – our experience and expertise will stretch your vision beyond your wildest imagination. Your special day deserves nothing less than a celebration as unique as you are.

We Enhance Your Vision

Our own and our standards are nothing short of exceptional. We've set the bar high, and that commitment extends to the vendors we partner with and the food and beverage products we meticulously source. Your special occasion deserves nothing but the best, and we're dedicated to delivering an experience that exceeds even the loftiest expectations. 

We Set a High Bar

We invest hours meticulously reviewing every aspect of your event, both significant and subtle. Recognizing the importance of getting it right on this singular occasion, we leave no detail unattended.

On the event day, our watchful eyes extend to everything – from the comfort of chair cushions to the precision of buffet garnishes (especially if we're catering the food!). This vigilance guarantees that your guests leave with nothing but delightful memories, as we are dedicated to ensuring every element contributes to the success of your event.

We Have an Eye for Detail

In the contemporary realm of events, it's more than just beautiful flowers and delicious food; it's about crafting those unique, personal touches that leave a lasting imprint.
While some caterers may hesitate to prepare off-menu items, and planners might shy away from stepping outside the box, we enthusiastically embrace creative challenges. Our satisfaction peaks when pushed creatively, and it's no coincidence that "creative" is a fundamental part of our name. We thrive on making your event truly exceptional with inventive and personalized elements that set it apart.

We Create a "WOW" Factor





They did not skip a beat."

"Not just was the food great, but there are so many little steps and tiny things you forget, they had it handled.

Meet the creative team

Our Roles



Be on my team

Meet Petergay de Souza, a seasoned voyager turned maestro of exquisite events. Her ardent zeal for exploring uncharted realms, reveling in opulent shopping escapades, and savoring the culinary arts defines her vibrant spirit. With a triumphant career transition from a travel consultant, Petergay now orchestrates unparalleled events. Basking in the embrace of a marital union with her husband David, Petergay finds profound joy in family time, blessed with the laughter and love of three enchanting daughters, Shanice, Bianca, and Zoraida, son-in-law Vincent, and granddaughter Leila. Her artistic prowess earned her a distinguished mention in the Wall Street Journal during a transcendent celebration for her daughter's 11th birthday. This recognition attests to Petergay's consummate skill in event orchestration and unwavering dedication to sculpting moments that etch indelible memories in the tapestry of life.

David, a culinary virtuoso and Executive Chef, is the visionary force behind Creative Cuisine Catering. Originating from Jamaica, he transitioned from a successful banking career to fulfilling his passion for the culinary arts. In 2004, David embraced a new chapter by becoming the proud owner of Creative Cuisine Catering. His journey reflects a seamless blend of financial acumen and culinary finesse, creating a distinctive mark in the world of luxury gastronomy. David's culinary artistry transforms events into extraordinary experiences, embodying a fusion of professionalism, opulence, and contemporary flair.




they truly love what they do."

"David and Petergay have a true partnership within their marriage and their work. They make their jobs look easy because