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Great Tasting

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Which is why, since 2013, we've put just as much effort into creating great looking food as we do great tasting food. 

As any good Chef or caterer knows, you don't taste with your mouth first. You taste with your eyes.

Menu Variety: An assortment of different menu options and cuisines.

Fresh Quality: Produce procured from top suppliers in the area.

From Scratch: Dishes prepared in our kitchen, by our chefs.

Generous Portions: So that you and your guests won't be left hungry. 

What You'll Receive

​​​​​​​Like following a recipe, there are certain steps one should take to ensure a great dining experience.

For us, every recipe starts by getting to you: Your cultures and backgrounds. Your likes and dislikes. You and your guests' dietary restrictions. Even the timing and flow of the event.

Then, we'll combine all of the information together to create a custom proposal filled with menu and experience options you, and your guests, find truly remarkable. 


The Necessary Ingredients


hot, fresh, and delicious!”

“This food is SO good for catered food! It’s been

Take your pick of plated, buffet, or reception-style station menus. Mix and match items. Or have something curated just for you!


Enjoy a complex menu prepared with classic cooking methods. And a crisp, clean aesthetic with a modern presentation style.

Choose from a variety of cuisines ranging from Southern Comfort to South Asian. And almost everything in between!




What to Expect

Sample your menu to ensure it's exactly to your liking. Your complimentary tasting will be held at your venue and with your tabletop decor selections. This way, you'll get an overall picture of what the dining experience will be day-of.

Menu Tasting

Enjoy a delicious tasting meal, no matter the cuisine. We aim to please, not be a jack of all trades. So we bring in Chefs who are experts in their fields to ensure an authentic presentation and taste.

Specialty Chefs

Instead of choosing from pre-set packages, choose from our numerous options to custom menu. The number of hors d'oeuvres, a single or duet plated entree, the types of proteins - it will all be tailored to your specific wants and needs. 

Custom Menus

Your menu.

Your Party. Your Vision.

Create the perfect menu

Receive excellent and seamless service from our professional staff. Under our watchful eye, the team will ensure food is served and cleared in a timely manner. And will be dressed appropriately for the occasion. 

Full-Service Staff

Rest assured you and your guests will enjoy the menu as it's intended. We'll provide all of the necessary equipment to ensure food is served at the appropriate temperature. And we'll provide essential items such as plates, flatware, and glassware.

Culinary Equipment


efficient and work wonderfully as a team."

"I was so impressed with how they took over my kitchen and had everything ready. They are so

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